Anniversary/Farewell Banquet


Check-In Desk: The President should be sure someone is present at the door to greet people and check off attendees on the event roster.


Dinner: This dinner is a “plated dinner” (sit down and served) held on Thursday night. People usually dress up a little. The President will need to select a menu for the evening and how to handle alcoholic beverages. Remember vegetarian members on this night. They won’t be able to “graze” at a buffet table. You will need to select a “plated” vegetarian option for this evening. It helps to provide a place on the meeting registration form for vegetarians to request their meals to get a number in advance.


Favors: Traditionally the President has chosen a “favor” for all attendees at the winter meeting. These have varied widely over the years. Remember people have to travel home with the favor in their luggage, so easily broken or very large favors are not a good idea. This item will need to be budgeted into the registration fees to cover the cost. They are placed at each place setting for this evening’s dinner.


Yearly SVMA Reports to Members: These should be placed on the dinner tables for the members. The President’s report should summarize the business conducted at the Executive Committee and Past Presidents Committee meetings. Financial reports for the previous three years, and a “to date” report for the current winter meeting should be distributed.


Agenda: The President will make several introductions and announcements at this dinner, usually starting when people are getting desert. You don’t need a written agenda at the members’ places unless you want, but the President should have a written agenda to guide the evening. The following is a typical evening.


  • The President asks the previous year’s Tail-Ender winner(s) to ask for Tail-Ender nominations, conduct voting and present the award to this year’s winner(s).
  • The President makes Executive Committee/Past Presidents meeting reports to the members. Copies for the members should be on the tables.
  • The President introduces the President-Elect, Vice-Presidents of the current year, and newly elected 2nd Vice-President.
  • The President introduces the old Prince and Princess and asks them to come to the front. The President will then announce the new Prince and Princess, who will be crowned by the old Prince and Princess.
  • The President presents gifts to his/her chairpeople.
  • The CE chairperson presents gifts to the speakers.
  • The President and CE chairperson thank the sponsors for their support.
  • The President “passes the gavel” to the President-Elect.
  • The President-Elect presents a gift to the outgoing President. The President-Elect is responsible for getting this gift.
  • The President-Elect should make announcements about his/her planned trips for the next year. He/she should also ask if Vice-Presidents would like to make any announcements for their years.


Music and Dancing: There is a band/DJ this evening for music and dancing.