Bands / DJs For Winter Meeting

Karnival and Anniversary/Farewell banquets: Traditionally some form of music and a dance floor are provided at the Karnival and Anniversary/Farewell banquets.


DJ/Band: More recently DJs (less expensive) have been used rather than live bands. Resorts always have a list of people in their area providing this service. These people book up months in advance. I would recommend having these reservations made at least six (6) months before the winter meeting.


Music Chairperson: I (Luttgen) chose to have a music chairperson handle this for me, but Presidents have usually done this task themselves. You may choose whichever works best for you.


Karnival Night: You will need to let the DJ/Band know of any special music you want for this evening to match the Karnival theme and costume awards.