Executive Committee


Please refer to the Constitution and Bylaws (Section 7), and the Rules & Regulations Manual (Section 21) for detailed information.

Members: The Executive Committee shall be composed of the immediate three Past Presidents, the President, President-Elect, 1st Vice-President and 2nd Vice-President. The current President will be in charge of meetings.

Correspondence: In general, e-mail communication works very well.

Meetings: There are two meetings per year for all members present for the summer and winter SVMA meetings. Depending on how many attend, you may want to combine the summer Executive Committee meeting with the Past Presidents meeting.

Agendas: I would recommend sending out a “call for agenda items and supporting documents” at least one month before both the Executive Committee and Past Presidents meetings. The President may do this, or ask the Executive Secretary to do it. Once agenda suggestions are received, the President and Executive Secretary can prepare an agenda for the Executive Committee meeting and send it out via e-mail with attached supporting documents at least a week before the meeting for everyone to consider.

Packet at Welcome Reception for Executive Committee: With the help of the Executive Secretary, a packet with the agenda and all supporting documents should be prepared and distributed at the Welcome Reception to Executive Committee attendees. Do not count on members bringing the previously e-mailed agenda and supporting documents with them.

Minutes: The Executive Secretary will include the previous meetings’ minutes in the packets, and take minutes at the current meetings. In his/her absence, the President should appoint someone to take minutes at both meetings.

Agenda for Past Presidents Council Meeting: The agenda for the Past Presidents meeting will be finalized at the Executive Committee meeting. If at all possible, this agenda should be distributed to the Past Presidents attendees in advance of the actual meeting.

Meeting Advisory Committee: There shall be a Meeting Advisory Committee to actively assist the future presidents. It will be composed of three Past Presidents selected or reaffirmed by each current year’s president, who agree to serve in this capacity. Committee members should be well versed with the SVMA budgetary process, the Rules and Regulations, and the President’s Manual to help Presidents through their respective years. The Committee will develop timelines for meeting planning, and will review all contracts. The Executive Secretary shall serve in an advisory capacity.