• Plan a summer meeting followed by a winter meeting in the year serving as president.
  • Have a rough idea where you would like to go for your meetings by your first Executive Committee meeting (3 years ahead).
  • Decide on a travel agent, or if you would like to make arrangements yourself, for each of your meetings.
  • Have your meeting sites selected by your second Executive Committee meeting, and bring at least preliminary meeting plans with quotes from resorts (2 years ahead).
  • Have contracts signed no later than your third Executive Committee meeting (1 year ahead).
  • Present detailed information to SVMA members at the winter meeting prior to your summer and winter meetings (1 year ahead).
  • Each President shall appoint chairpeople for Hof Marshal(s), Continuing Education (CE), the NASTAR Race, Cross Country Ski Day and other chairs as necessary. It is best to have this done no later than your second Executive Committee meeting (2 years ahead), especially for CE.

BUDGET CONSIDERATIONS (see Finance section in Rules & Regulations Manual)

1)    Summer meeting expenses:  “The President should be frugal with the Summer Meeting expenses with a fund of $1,000.”

2)    Winter meeting planning expenses:

a)     “The President-Elect and Vice-Presidents must obtain permission from the Executive Committee to travel at SVMA expense to any other than the appointed resort areas.”

b)    “If the pre-meeting arrangement trip to the new area is not compensated by the travel agent, the SVMA will only pay for the following: coach air fares, maximum of three days and two nights lodging, transportation from the airport to the hotel and return for the President of that year, and his/her spouse or significant other.  Exceptions may be made by the Past Presidents Council considering special circumstances.”

c)     “The President of the SVMA (starting with the annual winter meeting of 1988 and henceforth) shall be compensated for their room and airfare.  This does not include the cost of meals, lift tickets, etc., nor does it include airfare, meals, lift tickets, etc. for the President’s spouse or significant other.”

3)    Winter meeting expenses:

a)     Registration Fees:  Each president, with the help of the Executive Secretary, will establish registration fees to cover

1)    Social activities that everyone attending will participate in

2)    Continuing education meeting expenses for veterinarians

b)    Welcome reception

1)    SVMA ribbons for ski poles

2)    Food and beverage expenses

3)    Room expenses

4)    Registration packet expenses

a)     New membership rosters every two years, typically on odd years.

b)   Certificates of continuing education attendance

c)   Evaluation forms for continuing education (requirement of RACE)

d)  Future meeting information

e)  Names of attendees

f)     Envelopes for registration materials

c)     Stubes

1)    Food and beverage expenses

2)    Room expenses

d)    Karnival banquet

1)    Food and beverage expenses

2)    Room expenses

3)    Band / DJ

4)    Costume prize expenses

5)    Decoration expenses

e)     Continuing education

1)    Speakers

a)     No registration or banquet fees

b)    Two room nights per 4 hours (1 day) of presentations

2)    Syllabus preparation and printing, including CE schedule of events

3)    Audio visual equipment and sound system expenses

4)    Room expenses

5)    Thank you cards for speakers

6)    Speaker gifts

f)     NASTAR race and awards banquet

1)    Course usage fees

2)    Picnic arrangements after the race

3)    Awards for racers

4)    Room expense, including sound system

g)     Cross country ski day

1)    Expenses typically paid by participants

2)    Chairperson may have some miscellaneous expenses

h)    Special off resort trip expenses (e.g. Grand Targhee at Jackson Hole meeting)

1) Expenses typically paid by participants

i)      Anniversary / Farewell banquet

1)    Room expense, including sound system

2)    Band / DJ

3)    Favors for all attendees

4)    President’s and Finance reports

5)    Gifts for:

a)     Outgoing president

b)    CE chairperson

c)     Cross Country chairperson

d)    NASTAR race chairperson

e)     Hofmarshall(s)

f)     Speakers