Past President’s Council Meeting and Dinner

Past Presidents Council meetings will be held at both the summer and winter meetings.

Agendas: I would recommend sending out a “call for agenda items and supporting documents” at least one month before a meeting. The President may do this, or ask the Executive Secretary to do it. Once agenda suggestions are received, the President and Executive Secretary will prepare an agenda for Executive Committee meetings, and a preliminary agenda for Past Presidents Council meetings. Preliminary agendas and relevant supporting documents can be e-mailed in advance to Past Presidents depending on the preferences of the President and Executive Secretary. The final agenda for Past Presidents Council meetings will not be made until after the Executive Committee meetings just prior to the Past Presidents Council meetings.

Packets: With the help of the Executive Secretary, a packet with the preliminary agendas and relevant supporting documents should be prepared and distributed at the Welcome Reception to Past Presidents in advance of this meeting. Do not count on members bringing the previously e-mailed agenda and supporting documents with them. Also, there will be additions to this packet after the Executive Committee meetings.

Minutes: The Executive Secretary will include a copy of the previous year’s meeting minutes. He/she will also take minutes at all Past Presidents’ meetings.

Dinner: A Past Presidents Council dinner has traditionally followed the Past Presidents Council meeting at the winter meeting. It is the President’s responsibility to select a restaurant for this dinner and make arrangements with the restaurant on how to handle the meal (menu selection limited to a few items; flat rate for a set menu; alcoholic beverage issues; etc.).

I suggest that registration and payment for this dinner be included on the winter meeting registration form to determine attendee numbers and to collect money in advance. That way the Executive Secretary can pay the restaurant at the end of the dinner. Trying to collect money after the dinner is very difficult and sometimes not accomplished. Always remember, some of our members do not drink alcohol. A cash bar always works better so individuals can get what they want and pay for it separately.