Prince and Princess

Selection: A few years ago, the selection process for the Prince and Princess was changed. Now the previous three years of Princes and Princesses, along with the President and Executive Secretary, will pick the new Prince and Princess. The announcement of the new Prince and Princess, and the “crowning” will now occur at the Anniversary/Farewell dinner.

Duties: The Prince and Princess will “reign” at the next winter meeting. They serve as judges for the costumes at the Karnival banquet on Sunday night. Sometimes they have been asked to assist with presentation of awards at the Awards banquet on Wednesday night. They will “crown” the new Prince and Princess at the Anniversary/Farewell dinner on Thursday night.

Crowns and Capes: The newly crowned Prince and Princess are responsible for keeping the respective Prince and Princess outfits, and bringing them with them to the next winter meeting. When a Prince or Princess can not attend their “reigning” winter meeting, they must make arrangements to get their outfit to the President. The President will then ask a previous year’s Prince or Princess to perform those duties.