Lift Tickets: The price for lift tickets needs to be negotiated with the resort. Tickets for 5, 6 and 7 days are usually negotiated. This information should be included and paid for on the registration information.

Release Forms: The SVMA has a standard release form that it asks all skiers to sign. This should be included in the registration information and returned with the registration form.

Alpine: Depending on the particular resort, special alpine ski trips to other mountains, or heli-ski locations, have sometimes been done. If a President chooses to do a special alpine trip, all the necessary information and costs should be included in the registration brochure. It is better to include these trips on the registration form so payment is in advance.

Cross Country: There is a small contingent of cross country skiers in the group. When considering a resort location, cross country ski information should be included. There is a Cross Country Ski Day, usually on Thursday, for the alpine skiers to join nordic skiers, usually in back country. Those arrangements are usually made by the Cross Country chairperson after arrival at the resort, since weather conditions and terrain often dictate what can be done. How many alpiners will participate will vary greatly. A great deal will depend on the alpine ski conditions. If they are very good, there won’t be much interest in Cross Country Ski Day.

NASTAR / Fun Race: The President will select a NASTAR / Fun Race Chairperson. It is up to the President and the NASTAR / Fun Race chairperson to decide who does what in preparation for that day, usually Tuesday. If doing a NASTAR race, the NASTAR course at the resort will need to be reserved in advance of the meeting and the price negotiated. Again, it works much better to have the NASTAR / Fun Race registration and payment included on the winter meeting registration form so money is collected in advance. Late registrants can always be accepted at the Welcome Reception, or even at the last minute on the hill.