Travel Agents Negotiations and Contracts

The Rules & Regulations (President’s Manual Section 21) were extensively rewritten in this regard in 2009. Please review that section thoroughly immediately after being elected 2nd Vice-President. A President may choose to make the resort arrangements on his/her own, or solicit bids from one or more travel agent(s) for his/her meeting planning.

Contract: If a travel agent is used, a clear written working agreement covering the points listed in the Rules & Regulations must be given to the travel agent. A signed contract of understanding should be entered into so both parties know exactly what their various responsibilities will be.

Mark Ups: The contract should specifically cover any “markups” the travel agent wants to charge the SVMA in addition to the standard (usually 10%) “tour guide fee” they will receive from the resort/venue for all contracted rooms and services.

Deposit: If the resort requires a deposit, either the travel agent or the SVMA will cover that, not an individual President. Who will pay the deposit should be clearly identified in the contract with the travel agent chosen.