Welcome Reception

The Winter Meeting Welcome Reception is held on the Saturday of arrival.

Food / Alcoholic Beverages: This has varied greatly over the years. In the past, it provided quite a bit of food that could serve as a dinner. More recently it has been a “wine and cheese” reception with a cash bar starting around 7PM so people could eat dinner before coming to the reception. Often the resort will sponsor (i.e. pay) for this event.

Registration Packets: The Executive Secretary will have these ready. It is better to have too much information in the packets than too little. The minimum would include:

  1. List of people attending the meeting
  2. Schedule of all activities and room numbers
  3. Previous three years’ and the current meeting’s “to-date” financial reports
  4. In Presidents packets, agendas and supporting documents for the Executive Committee and Past Presidents Council meetings.

Agenda: The President should have an agenda to follow with all the announcements and introductions he/she would like to make, including the following:

  1. Welcome to everyone
  2. Introduction of guests and new members
  3. Introduction of speakers
  4. Introduction of sponsors
  5. Introduction of resort representatives the President has asked to be present
  • Someone to talk about the mountain and any special features and events
  • Someone to sell lift tickets for those who did not buy them on the registration form – this happens when people aren’t sure how much they want to ski or if people have to wait to see if they can ski (post-ops, etc.)
  • Someone from NASTAR to explain the course – accept late registrations
  • Someone from the cross country ski center

6. Explanation of what is in the registration packet

7. Outline the week’s activities and where they will occur

8. Anything else the President wishes to include