Winter Meeting

Rules & Regulations (President’s Manual Section 21): A newly elected 2nd Vice-President should review the appropriate sections of the Rules & Regulations pertaining to the winter meeting immediately after his/her election. This meeting will require a great deal more work than the summer meeting.

Budgeting: The President will need to do some very specific budget planning for this meeting. The best place to start is previous years; financial reports (P&Ls) and working with the Executive Secretary, who probably has experience planning previous meetings.

Advertising / Registration Brochure: The President and Executive Secretary should prepare all registration information. This information should be posted on the SVMA website no later than September 1st preceding the winter meeting. A notice that meeting and registration information is available may be sent out by “snail mail”, but preferably by an e-mail. All necessary information about the resort, the types and prices of rooms in the SVMA block, and how to reserve a room should be included. The CE registration and social activities fees should be listed separately. Social activity costs for children are to be listed separately in menu fashion.

Room Registrations: The President will decide how to handle room registrations. If using a travel agent, he/she will need to decide how this will be handled. He/she may choose to have members book their rooms directly with the resort (eliminates or drops the required resort deposit considerably) or have the travel agent collect these monies and pay the resort for the SVMA.

CE and Social Activities Registrations: These fees go directly to the SVMA Executive Secretary by way of website registration using the SVMA’s PayPal account, or check through the mail. Having that money in the SVMA accounts in advance of the meeting will help the Executive Secretary pay all SVMA bills in a timely manner. The travel agent DOES NOT collect these fees.