Join a group of veterinarians

for RACE certified CE and great skiing.

The SVMA  will soon announce the location of its 59th Annual Ski Meeting and RACE-Certified Continuing Education Program

The tentative dates are February 9-16, 2019

Location to be announced soon!

(See Winter Meeting for details)

Continuing Education Program: Monday February 11th through Friday February 15th, we anticipate 20 hours, RACE Certified.

The Sierra Veterinary Medical Association (SVMA) was founded in 1960 by four California veterinarians.  SVMA has grown to a large group with an annual winter ski meeting and summer trip. 

New members are welcomed to enjoy the camaraderie.

The founders were MIL CUSTER, BOB MILLER, JOHN PUCKETT and BOB STANSBURY. This was the first organization of skiing veterinarians and although often imitated in later years, no other group has ever duplicated the spirit the professional camaraderie and the affection its members hold for one another.